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Tring Trials


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Trials Sites: - Loadsa submitted stuff and nice long videos and short. - A lot of competition videos. Velo Trial Club Zurich. - Good long videos, the riders are amazing! - Riders are amazing a great site and message board!! - The rider is really good and site has alot of cool pictures. - Biggest site on the net but not updated that often. - Good site with loadsa cool pics and rider of the month! - Contains videos, pictures and a really cool site an riders. - Nice long video, good site and helpful how to's. - Nice layout and good riders, has interesting videos and pictures.`

UK RideTrials - Nicely laid out and good helpful reviews. - A great site, regularly updated and good riders for the time they've bin ridin! - Cool site,updated loads and nice videos! - A really nicely laid out site, good pictures and videos too. - A really cool site, loadsa content and regularly updated!!

Mail Order Shops: - A good site for anyrhing, reasonably cheap and good deals. - Good wheel builders for the price and always have great deals! - A site with loadsa trials gear.

Bikedock - Sells a lot of trials stuff, stock megamo, monty and pashley now.