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Reviews of Components


Magura HS-33
One of the most popular trials brake and the choice for many pros just on the grounds of their awsome power and modulation. But for these factors to be used to their full effect, the set up needs to be just right which is bloody difficult to do! 1-the bolts round off very quickly and so the brakes are a bitch to tighten when they come loose.
2-they are fairly slow to come back off the rim.
When they are set up correctly though, they are very good, dependable, brakes. Some riders dont like the feel of them but it is a matter of personal preferance and once set up properly they rival disk brakes for power.

Middleburn Trials Chainset



24/7 Bar-stem combo

Good strong bars and a nice short stem, depends what set up u like on the front but these are not gonna snap. Come complete with strengthening brace, and may be a bit heavy, but these are stong bars

DMR ring thing 22th

DMR Ring Thing:
This bash ring is a cheap, fairly grippy and hard wearing. But they bend very easily when hithard on objects, its very thin so harder to balance on a making it more flimsy. Overall a cheap bash guard for the light rider! 7/10

IRC El Gato

IRC El Gato Tyre:
They have excellent grip and have deep tread. They are pinch resistant so gives some riders more confidence to hope onto higher sharp edged walls. But they are quite expensice but shop around and u can get em for 25pounds but u get wat u pay for, a quality tyre. 9.5/10

Shimano Lx Splined Cranks

Shimano LX splined cranks:
These cranks are fantastic; strong light and they will last forever (hopefully). Since I have had them the only thing that i have had to do to them is tighten them now and then. The only thing wrong with them is that they only come in 4 arm and can't have many strong bash rings on. I would recomend getting longer bolts and maby putting on 2 rings.

FSA V-Drive Cranks
A good solid pair of middle range cranks for not very money. I have never felt flex from them although they have began to round off slightly and they do creak on the odd occasion, you get what you pay for


Middleburn Trials Chainset:
These cranks are great, the arms are incrediably stiff so they never come lose and they are very hard wearing.They are also resonabnly light and the bashring is nice a wide so easier to balance. Only downside is that they cost a bomb and the inner ring is very close to the edge of the bashring and this is made of aluminium so wears down easiyl. But overall wicked cranks. 9/10

Shimano XTR V-Brake:
This is a top v-brake and popular among riders who prefer v's. It's incrediably light and powerful breaking. They have great modulation and feel even better when ridden with good leavers. Along as u spend time seting them up u will have a perfect break. The only fault is the price at 38pounds for one, otherwise a great break. 9.5/10

Hope XC Rear Hub

Hope XC Rear Hub:
A great buy if u want a cheapish reliable hub. At 107 pounds u can get it built on to a D521 from Merlin Cycles. It has 22 clicks, strong and comes in a range of colours. Its the same as the ti-glide but the xc has a steel freehub where as the ti-glide is titanium. At 385g its resonably light for the price and compared to the ti-glide which is 45g lighter but 30 - 40 pounds more expensive. Overall a great reliable hub. 9/10

Pashley Trials Forks

Pashleys Forks:
These fork are light, easy to pull up and strong. They don't cost much either. The only fault that i can think of is that they don't have a disk mount which to some people could be anoying, otherwise they are an amazing buy. 8/10

Reviews - Rich and Tom